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Natural Intentions Founder Kimberly Wright

"As women, our outer beauty can sometimes determine our happiness and self-worth. We put a lot of work into enhancing our outside but not nearly enough work into our wellness or mental health."

- Kimberly Wright, Founder

Our mission is to help women explore natural healing and beauty through real food and natural herbal supplements backed by science. Which in turn will empower women with self-awareness, self-love and self-care.

Consider physical and psychological wellness as your empowerment tools. These tools need to be regularly cleaned and maintained if you’re to use them effectively. When your physical and mental wellness is clogged up with daily toxins and emotional stress it’s difficult to represent your truest self.

By cleaning up all the muck, you can show up in the world authentically and powerfully ~ as YOU. When you chose self-care, it is a powerful tool that not only nourishes you, but also those around you.

When you maintain yourself by getting proper rest and eating real food that nourishes your body - it makes you feel strong and vibrant. You know ~ the GLOW!

We’ve curated a lifestyle program that will repair and recharge you. All of the products that Natural Intentions provides are clean, organic, and fresh ~ products your body can use to cleanse and restore. You’ll be nourished and ready to step into life’s challenges as your best, most empowered self.

We believe that everyone has the right to be healthy and to feel good in their skin! We are providing a few of the tools you need to get you on your journey to having good health, a healed mind, and calm spirit.

Fill up that self-care tank so that you can spread more of your special light into the world. We would love for you to join our journey.

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